Christmas 2016

Breakfast for 7:
Bring Your Own Coffee
grapefruit supremes (4 grapefruits are plenty)
hot chocolate (2 cups – in carafe)
orange juice
scrambled eggs (14 – could do 12 next time)
Oscar Meyer center cut bacon
Lunardi’s pork sausage links (8)
diner hashbrowns (2 small, unpeeled potatoes in individual portions)
wheat, white, sourdough and cornbread toast
pancakes with lingonberries, Log Cabin, and maple syrup
doughnuts and apple fritters

Dinner for 5:
Sheep Dip with Sumano’s Watsonville Soudough and Trader Joe’s Social Snackers
Onion Dip with Wavy Lays
Carrot Sticks

Beef Ribeye Roast
Sauteed Mushrooms
Scalloped Potatoes
Romaine salad with Pastor Matt’s Herbes de Provence vinaigrette
King’s Hawaiian Savory Rolls

Apple Crisp
Ice Cream
Christmas Cookies

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  1. Excellent Christmas Dinner!

  2. I’ve heard a 1st Hand report that your Holiday meals were SO delicious! Well Done YOU!
    PS ~ Love the idea of the BYOC!

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