Family Meetings

Everybody is really getting into (and getting a lot out of) our new Family Meeting thing.  We even have minutes now!

We post a piece of paper in the kitchen where everybody can write in items for our Agenda as they occur to them.  When we get a critical mass, or a topic becomes particularly timely, we decide to meet.

We meet in the living room.  No devices present, no lying down on the floor with the dog, just everybody sitting together and paying respectful attention to each other.

Today it was Anna’s turn as Moderator.

Our first item of business is always THANKS – where we thank each other for good things that people have done since  our previous meeting.

Then the Moderator proceeds down the Agenda and whoever wrote in the item leads the discussion.

The Scribe takes notes of decisions made or deferred.

New business is solicited after the Agenda is completed.

The Moderator officially adjourns the meeting when we’ve talked everything over.

Minutes, including action items and decisions are written up and reviewed by everyone shortly after the meeting.

Our recent meetings have resulted in scheduling time with friends, working out weekly menu ideas, refining screen time rules (when a friend comes over on a normally-screen-free day and you want to play on the WiiU together , you may select an alternate screen-free day), clarifying household expectations, etc.

Sam said today, “We are having a lot of changes in our life right now.  This is great!”


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