Scrambled Eggs

2 eggs per person plus 1 for the pan
1 little piece of butter (about 1/2″ square) (a bit more if you’re serving more people)

Place the smallest non-stick skillet on the back burner, set on number 4.  (Use a proportionally larger skillet when making more eggs.)  Put the butter in the middle of the pan and let it warm up. 

Carefully break the eggs into a large metal mixing bowl.  Pick out any shell pieces.  Put in a pinch or shake of salt.  With a large whisk, beat the eggs until the yolks and whites are completely mixed together and the yellow color has lightened. 

When the butter in the pan has melted, pour the beaten eggs right over the butter into the pan.  Let it sit for one minute.  Then, with the egg pusher (flat-ended wooden utensil), carefully and methodically push through the eggs from the front of the pan to the back of the pan, making sure to get all parts of the pan.  Let sit awhile more, then repeat.

This is a good time to start the toast.  Put the egg bowl and whisk in the sink and run some water in it.

As the eggs begin to cook, curds will form on the back of the utensil, and you will need to push more frequently.  Continue cooking and pushing until the eggs are almost dry (but not quite).  Turn off the heat and butter the toast.  The eggs will continue cooking on the hot burner, so if they are really done, move the pan to a cool burner while you butter the toast.

Serve and enjoy!


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