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I am doing fine at remembering my own shopping bags these days, it was the produce bags I was always forgetting.  The other day I was feeling really bad every time I pulled another fresh plastic bag off the roll (one for onions, one for cilantro, one for apples… they sure add up!), and I decided to do something about it. So when I got home from the store, I tied several produce bags to the handles of my grocery totes, all ready for next time.  I now do this every time I get home from the store.


I like to cook ahead, which means I usually have lots of containers in the fridge, and it can get a bit overwhelming and frustrating trying to find what you’re looking for in there.  A couple of weeks ago I started labeling the front of each container.  We’ve found it so helpful that it’s really worth the tiny bit of extra time it takes.

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  1. It also helps to date it. I try to date any open jars such as spagetti sauce or containers like chicken broth as to when I opened it. I posted on organization today too.

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