10 Days Without a Microwave

Day 1:

The potatoes aren’t getting warm at all.  Oh sheesh, the microwave’s broken!  Aargh.  OK, no potatoes with dinner, I’ll reheat that rice instead.  Um… I always reheat rice in the microwave.  Time to think.  I put it in a saucepan with about a 1/4″ of water in the pan, covered it, and let it resteam without stirring.  The bottom layer stuck to the pan, as I expected, but 95% of the rice was actually very good.

Ordered a replacement on-line.  Delivery and installation scheduled for Friday, January 10.  Sigh.

Day 2:

I made a big batch of Oatmeal Deluxe the other day, to reheat for breakfasts.  Of course I always do this in the microwave, in individual bowls, with a hat on.  So today, a new (old) approach:


Of course it took longer to get it warm than the microwave does, but the result is just fine.  Oh, and there’s that pan to wash…

Day Three:

Thankfully, my mom loaned me a microwave so this post ends early.  Hooray for one less thing to figure out!

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  1. I have a counter-top microwave oven in the basement that worked when I put it down there. Do you want it? XXOO, Mom


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