Kids’ Art Archive & Holiday Art Storage

Once kids hit preschool, the art projects start rolling in.  Crayon drawings, marker pictures, finger paintings, glitter fish made out of paper plates, magazine collages… your fridge door will be completely covered in the first week!  No matter how precious these works of art are, even families with lots of storage really don’t need to keep every single one.  Here’s a simple plan for managing the collection and enjoying certain pieces throughout the year.

You’ll need an art portfolio for each child, plus a spare.  Here’s the kind we have, which I got from a local toy store, and is also available on Amazon:


1.  Create a display area in your home where new art work can be proudly hung and enjoyed.  Leave things there for a week or so, replacing as new ones come in.

2.  Take photos of your favorite works, that you can share on Facebook with extended family now, and put in your scrapbook or photo album to remember forever.

3.  As you take art down from the display, look at it with a critical eye and decide which pieces are keepers.  Is it an especially pleasing abstract?  Keep it!  Is it a really funny family portrait?  Keep it!  Is it the first picture “signed” by the artist?  Keep it!  Is it yet another muddy finger paint picture?  Does it have any type of food on it (a popcorn tree, a rice border on a Chinese New Year banner) that will attract critters?  Those should be tossed.

4.  Date the keepers on the back in pencil with your child’s name and the approximate date of the artwork, and place them in chronological order in the appropriate kid’s art portfolio.

5.  Label the tabs of your spare art portfolio for each holiday:  Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.  Over the years, you can store the best holiday art in this portfolio.  When you add kids’ art to your holiday decor, it brings back warm memories for you, and makes your kids feel important and honored.  (Teenagers may just roll their eyes…)

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  1. Did you invent this system?!  You are a Mommy guru!  Love you, me


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